What's Your Word of the Year?

Positive affirmations are so much more than simply feel good words.  They are a daily repetition, meant to uplift and encourage, whoever chooses to speak them. I believe in the power of words, which is why we hand engrave them on our charms. I have chosen a word of the year, every year since we opened the store in 2012. The idea is, if you speak it, write it and believe it, you will manifest it in your life. The year I opened the store, my word was EMBRACE because I wanted to embrace the new journey that I had started.  
Last year (year 9) my word was SHINE, I wanted to shine my light beyond what I could see.  When we shutdown due to Covid, I found many way to connect with all of you that I had never dreamed of.  See, I consider myself to be a tech challenged person and suddenly technology became the main way to connect with all of you.  So I pivoted this business...my first online styling session was with a client in Australia for Pete's sake.  I did all the tech things that scared me, virtual zoom styling sessions, online events by myself, online events and coffee chats with other business owners, online spin to win interactive promotions, private Facebook groups, and sooooo many videos without a filter, lol.
In life, connection through jewelry is one of my favorites and this year while we couldn't physically touch each other we still touched each other's hearts in ways I had never fathomed.  
I looked back on so many of your words from last year (they are still in the comments below) and while there has been so much uncertainty over the last year, it seems as though you all manifested what you wanted and more, even in the midst of chaos.  It's been a roller coaster this year and yet we have so much to be grateful for including an open heart as we move into a new year, era, and way of life.  

So, join me friends, I ask you to think of your word for 2021.  Don't be shy, find your word, share it here and why you're choosing it if you feel so inclined.  I am holding space for all of us in this new year for peace, love and goodwill for all.
"What's Your Word?" contest. 
Here's how to play.
1.  Comment with your word on this blog post.
2.  Share this blog to your social media (FB, Insta, Pinterest)
You have two weeks to think about your word.  I will draw the winner LIVE on January 19th and share my NEW WORD with you! The winner will receive their word, engraved on a 14k gold square charm ($250 value) FREE.  

So choose your word for 2021, put it in the comment section below and share the blog on your social media.  Encourage your friends and family to do the same, you can even tag them in your post.  
Let's start the year with some serious goodness and spread it around!
Virtual hugs and kisses, 
(a rainbow from my last run in 2020)


  • Abbie

    my word is happiness. In order to get everything you want out of life, you have to be happy. I want to focus on bringing in the things that add happiness to my life, and making those chances to the things that dwell over me. Everyone needs a little extra serotonin in their life. The end goal of life is to be happy, because what else is there, right. :)

  • Nicole T.

    My word for 2021 is Love- love for yourself & love for others. Love has the power to heal, unite and with it, anything is possible!

  • Deedee Luttrell

    Resilience – I feel since I have survived 2020, my resilience to continue on a positive path in 2021 is important and will happen. I miss you all so much in STX and absolutely cannot wait until we get to come back home.

  • Saerah Meehan

    My word for 2021 is Ecstatic 😁

  • jana butterfli brooks

    Good day Joyia’s!!
    My word is Loyal! Thank you!!

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