Our Möbius Collection features a sacred geometric shape called the "Möbius Strip," a closed loop with a twist. A simple twist transforms a double-sided rectangle into a single-sided looping strip, seamlessly merging duality into unity.

The Möbius Strip came at a time in my life when my mind was bullying my heart. It can be easy to remove yourself from the drama of the outer world but what about the noise inside your head? "Just work harder." "Strive more." "Keep pushing forward…someday I’ll make it.”

Make a subtle "twist" in perspective from listening to those thoughts to surrendering to the feelings in your heart. Become fully aware of your Authentic Self. Realize that Joy and Worthiness are natural states of being. 

Our Möbius Collection is an elegant subtle reminder that unity is just a "twist" away.

Spin the Möbius to extend your transformative power into the world.

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