Care Instructions

Jewelry Care for your Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Joyia Jewelry items:

1) To keep your Joyia Jewelry “blinging”- beaming brightly- please rub gently with the polishing cloth we provide. Note: Washing the cloths eliminates all of the cleaners! Keep rubbing your items with the cloth until you achieve the desired brightness. Even though the cloth darkens, the cleaners can continue serving you. As long as you can see that it’s shining your pieces, it remains available for the next time!

2) Keep your Joyia Jewelry securely stored away from cleaning supplies, especially bleach, which can turn your piece black! Likewise, citrus or other naturally acidic substances can damage your precious metals.

3) Wait to put your Joyia Jewelry on until you spray yourself with your favorite cologne, perfume, or essential oil. Please be aware that over time, as your body perspires, these fragrances will darken your precious metals.

4) Avoid awkward tan lines and keep your Joyia Jewelry strong by leaving your items in a safe place out of the pool, and Jacuzzi-spa-hot tub. Chlorine diminishes and weakens the quality of your precious metals over time; and it tarnishes items quickly.

5) Bring in your “bling”! Joyia Jewelry Gallery and Studio is ready to clean all your Joyia Jewelry for free! Items you have from anywhere else can be cleaned for a small fee. When you visit, we’ll evaluate what your desires may require.

And for your Gold-Filled Joyia Jewelry treasures it’s good to know:

  • 14kt Gold-Filled is made by forming a tube of solid 14k Gold that is “filled” with a base metal.
  • The Gold is bonded to the base metal with heat and pressure.
  • The base metal is also gold in color and is made up of the same mixture of metals that bring 24k Gold down to 14k and 10k.
  • Due to the fact that we heat the Gold-Fill in order to make your spectacular piece of jewelry, you may experience some tarnishing at the solder seam.
  • Just wipe this area with your polishing cloth and watch it shine!