When we first opened the store in St. Croix, a writer for the local newspaper asked me why I went into the jewelry business.  My response, “I am not in the business of making jewelry, I am in the business of connecting with people.” 

We put love and intention into every piece of jewelry we create.  We make charm bracelets for your newborn babies, graduation gifts for their teenage milestones, custom pieces of jewelry using your family heirlooms that can be passed down for lifetimes and everything in between. You are a part of our family now and we are here for all of  your life’s milestones, past, present and future. 



We treat each visitor like a guest in our home. We interact with each client as a lifelong friend. We do business with every colleague as if our reputation depends on it.

Your experience with us is coming from our family to yours. That kind of love and excellence is infused into everything we do and say and give. We greet you, show you samples of what’s possible, lend an ear, and allow you to explore. We’re blessed to have family and extended family working with us only. You’ll feel that warmth when you walk through the door.

We’re the ones who engrave blessings for your babies, visions for your daughter’s graduations, sunrise and sunset dates for your dearly departed on the jewelry you wear every day.

We take this privilege seriously. We make the time to hear from you…even if you’re unsure what to say.

I remember a client approaching the jewelry bar slowly one afternoon. She had suffered a recent tragedy. Tears started to well up in her eyes. I told her, “Whatever you have to say, this is a safe place.” The words were too painful to speak out loud. I handed her a blank sticky note and said, “You can write it here.”

We’re supporting you on your sobriety dates. We’re grieving with you for your loved ones. We’re crying in secret with you, before anyone knows you’re pregnant. We’re soaring with joy for you during your engagement. We are so grateful to be celebrating so many of life’s special moments with you.