Let's Get Loud

On a trip to Mexico I watched the new Jennifer Lopez documentary, Halftime, on Netflix.  I have always been a J.Lo fan but as I watched the show I fell more and more in love with her.  Women's empowerment has always been important to me and in the movie Jennifer talks about often times being the only woman in the room.  As a female business owner, this hits home for me. 


I remember getting chills as I watched her Super Bowl halftime show and now after watching the documentary I realize all of the importance that I felt but maybe didn't comprehend at the time. Lopez and Shakira created a show that was not only entertaining but one with substance, sending the message that the next generation of girls and women of different ethnic backgrounds are not going to be suppressed the way that we have been before. Young Latina girls helped her sing "Let's Get Loud" on stage as she wore the American and Puerto Rican flags.  Now in her 50's she is on a roll and creating more social change than ever.  She states in the movie that she is going to "keep working and be unafraid to get loud and use my voice in the best way that I can." The more I watched, the more I realized how similar we both are, in that, we want to connect with people through our art, our craft and our words.


Therefore, this hoop collection is named, "Let's Get Loud" in honor of Jennifer Lopez.  J.Lo, if by the grace of god you ever read this I hope it makes you smile to know that while you didn't inspire the hoop earrings you did inspire the name, lol. 

I think it's important for us to "get loud" in various ways big and small.  Just as there are 3 sizes of hoops (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 inches) there are levels of "getting loud"or being heard. Whether you are supporting this next generation of girls by buying from women owned businesses, joining groups in your community that help others or creating social change.

Your voice, your actions, your choices, your human rights matter, now more than ever!  


So, let's get loud together, support each other and help lift each other up. When you wear these hoops stand a little taller knowing you supported a female owned business, speak a little louder for your rights and let them be a symbol that you are unafraid to use your voice for good! 

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