How To Make Your Wishlist Online

This was my favorite photo shoot of all time and here's why it's important for you too! My friends Kendall and Amanda showed up for this session with a wardrobe change and a hat box.  They are so in love that we barely had to give them any direction.. we just added jewelry and done.  
While Kendall has lots of amazing qualities, he is a very thoughtful gift giver.  Now my husband has lots of amazing qualities too but let's be real...I have to remind him to shave and look for his wallet every day, much less does he remember what I might want as a gift.  Amanda has a wishlist on file in the store and without fail every birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas or just because occasion, Kendall stops in to see if she has anything new on her wishlist.  
Our partners want to get us gifts that we want to make us smile but not every partner is a Kendall.  So let's make it easy on them and get what we want at the same time #winwin!  Make your wishlist online or stop by and fill one out in the store.  We literally write down the occasion you received a gift and email your partner as you near birthdays and holidays with new ideas.  
Here's how to do this online:
1. Create your profile (if your name is not on your wishlist, I can not help your partner when they call or email me)
2. Every design you love just click on the heart under the design that says "add to wishlist".
3. The wishlist tab is always on the right side of the screen in blue or red, you can click on it anytime you are logged in and add to or remove items.  
3. Share it....this is so dude proof you can actually email your list to your sweetheart or share it with him/her on social media.
We actually keep hard copies of your wishlist on file in the store...check out our not so little black box!  Some clients have 3 or more index cards stapled together.  There is no shame in this is free to wish friends!  Don't you wish Amazon was this cool? This is what happens when you shop with a small business, we take care of you and your people!

So get what you want this holiday season and go make that wishlist!!!

Here is a video on how to make your online wishlist too!

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