Mother's Day Gift Guide

Remind Mom that you celebrate her EVERY DAY!

This Mother's Day we are helping you find the best gifts and making it even easier to "Spread Joy" with Mom this year.

Mommy & Me matching suits... how cute are we? lol


Gift Mom all the JOY with our Eternal Joy Collection, our newest and my favorite collection. It's design is mathematically correct, following life's own blueprint for creation, it is designed to deliver joy, healing, love and positive change to the world and guess what...IT SPINS!!

Of course you know we make engravable charms but did you know you can add a birthstone?  This necklace was custom made for my Stepmom, Jennifer, with her grandkids names! It's the perfect way to keep your loved ones close at heart even if they live far away.  

The celebratory Champagne collection is about more than popping's a reminder to celebrate life every day! Life is made up of so many moments, both big and small which is why this collection comes in two sizes.
 It is so wonderful to see women coming to the forefront and inspiring us all to be the best version of ourselves. You are beautiful, strong and exquisite just like the intricate pieces of The Diamante Collection. 
Together we are capable of anything!

We added lots of new chain bracelets and anklets to our repertoire this year. The gemstone bracelets and anklets, called our "Intention Collection", have meaningful words attached to them in hopes of gifting good intentions to others this season.  
What could mom use this year: amethyst for protection, watermelon tourmaline for joy...the choice is yours!
Being a mom is a special dance, hope you are keeping time with the music...I'm tripping over my own two feet.  I'll see you on the dance floor!
~xo Joyia

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