Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's not so easy to shop for your loved ones under quarantine....luckily you have us! We're here to give you the hottest gift ideas for this Mother's Day and some snazzy ways you can see them from the comfort of your own home!
Of course you know we make engravable charms but did you know you can add a birthstone?  You can keep all your loved ones close to your heart even if you can't physically be with them right now.

The Champagne collection is perfect for the state of the world today.  We should be poppin' bottles of bubbles together but since we haven't been able to for over a month, I bet you realize, like I have, that everyday should be celebrated...not just the big milestones. 
Ladies, we are multitasking more than ever before... trying to hold it together for our families, educate our kids, stay sane and do a million house organizing projects. Whew, aren't you tired... couldn't we all use a little GROUNDING. The Seeds of Life collection bring grounding, calm and connects you with the heart of existence. 
Yes, please!
We are all holdin' on tight to our families right now and the Island Roots collection pays homage to YOUR family roots because they run deep, just like the mangrove roots they are inspired by. 
Wear these pieces to honor your family love and pride!
You can find our gift cards here!  



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