12 Days of Joyia


For the 12 days between Thursday, December 9th and Monday, December 20th, amazing deals will be offered in-store and online!

Over the next 12 days we may not be giving you a partridge in a pear tree, but we are giving you lots of fun jewels to put under the tree ✨

In the spirit of Christmas the deals are a secret... keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for the scoop.

There will be 3 deals over the course of 12 days lasting for 4 days each from midnight on the first day  to 11:59pm on the last day


Deal 1 9th - 12th 


Deal 2 13th - 16th 

Spend $500 get $50 OFF (use discount code 12days50)

Spend $750 get $100 OFF (use discount code 12days100)

Deal 3 17th - 20th