Opening back up...safely!

Let's move forward together safely!


The USVI is officially going back to the Stay at Home Order starting August 17th for at least a minimum of 2 weeks. Which means all non-essential businesses must close. While our storefront will be temporarily closed for in-store shopping, our team will still be working behind the scenes making all your custom orders because in my eyes jewelry is essential! We still have so much to celebrate even in these crazy times... birthdays, anniversaries, love, life, ourselves.  

We are here for you and this is how we can move forward together.

Our website is open 24/7!

We are offering FREE shipping for EVERYONE for the next 2 weeks! No code necessary.

1. Curbside Pickup is available Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm. 
We'll let you know as soon as your order is ready for pick up. Just pull right up to the store and we will drop it right in your car! No need to worry about finding parking.

2. Local Delivery is available Tuesday and Thursday 10am-4pm.


These have been so fun! I've been meeting with clients to create Mother's Day gifts, make custom designs and birthday shop. 
Just click the link below to schedule your time and you get me all to yourself!!  We shop together, I email you your invoice for purchases and then we ship or schedule local pick-up.
Easy breezy!!!
Ps. These sessions come free with gift card purchases.
We have exclusive live events, sneak peeks and make some new friends.
Love connecting with you in so MANY ways,
xo, Joyia


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