Opening back up...safely!

Let's move forward together safely!


So, all non-essential business are slowly opening here in St. Croix.  We have NEW store hours for the month of May. As well as a few safety precautions that are now in place. We still have so much to celebrate even in these crazy times... birthdays, anniversaries, love, life, ourselves.  
We are here for you and this is how we can move forward together.


Tuesday ~ Thursday from 10-5pm our store will be open to the public. 

For your protection and ours, we ask the following:

1. We provide a sanitation station at the front door, please sanitize when you walk in.

2. Per Gov. Bryan's requirements, please wear a mask/facial covering. You will not be allowed in without it.

3. Since we have a tiny store, one person will be allowed inside at a time. There are comfy chairs outside for those waiting. 


These have been so fun! I've been meeting with clients to create Mother's Day gifts, make custom designs and birthday shop. 
Just click the link below to schedule your time and you get me all to yourself!!  We shop together, I email you your invoice for purchases and then we ship or schedule local pick-up.
Easy breezy!!!
Ps. These sessions come free with gift card purchases.
We have exclusive live events, sneak peeks and make some new friends.
Love connecting with you in so MANY ways,
xo, Joyia


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