My Word For 2023


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Every year in January we hold our "What is Your Word this Year?"contest. Words are powerful and that is why we hand engrave them on our charms with the idea that if you speak it, write it, believe it, then you will manifest it in your life.  At the very least, it gets you to reflect on the past year and focus on something meaningful to you in the new year.  This is my favorite contest because I am always so impressed by how honest and authentic people are in choosing their words and why they chose them.  Click here to see everyone's words at the bottom of the contest blog or add your word, it's never too late to manifest your dreams!

My word for the year is MIRACLES.  Miracles are the kind of thing that you can't make happen but you can surrender your idea of how it should happen and let them sneak up on you.  Two of my biggest miracles are in the photo above.  I tried to get pregnant for two years and was devastated when we couldn't.  I closed the store for a month and we took a vacation and jewelers courses stateside for a change of pace and to help me move on and thats when it happened.  I surrendered to the fact that I couldn't control the situation and was blessed with our son.  I know this isn't the story for every mother but it was mine and it was the biggest surprise of my life...I took a ton of pregnancy tests because I just couldn't believe it.   

Three weeks after hurricane Maria, I was racing home before it got dark to turn the generator on while there was still enough light to see when I found Buddy. We already had 3 dogs and I didn't want another one, I just wanted power back!  He was 5 months old, emaciated on the side of the road sitting next to a coconut.  He had two kinds of mange and worms and according to the vet would have died in the next few days.  Achille was so little he didn't care what Buddy looked like, he just wanted his own dog and would hug his bumpy feverish skin.  He ended up being the most grateful beautiful dog and every morning pushes Achille's door open and lays his head on his bed to wake him up. I swear, if a dog can be a soul mate, Buddy is ours!

Miracles seem to show up for me when I let go of the outcome and surrender.  After fighting hard over the last few years I'm looking forward to trusting that the universe has an even bigger plan for me than I can dream of and I am ready to receive. I hope that your words bring you the best year possible and include some miracles along the way.

So let's start this year with a FREE miracle! I have engraved MIRACLES on a CHARM and I encourage you to do the same either by purchasing your own, writing it on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet or simply by starting each day with your word in mind.  Lucky for you, today starts our BOGO sale, buy one engravable charm and get a FREE charm for a friend or loved one until February 5th (Apply the discount code BOGO at checkout).  This way you can spread more joy in your own life and others. 



 xo ~ Joyia 

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