My Word for 2022

2022 will be a year full of Gratitude. 




Every year in January we hold our "What is Your Word this Year?"contest. Words are powerful and that is why we hand engrave them on our charms with the idea that if you speak it, write it, believe it, then you will manifest it in your life.  At the very least, it gets you to reflect on the past year and focus on something meaningful to you in the new year.  This is my favorite contest because I am always so impressed by how honest and authentic people are in choosing their words and why they chose them.  Click here to see everyone's words at the bottom of the contest blog or add your word, it's never too late to manifest your dreams!

Clearly my word for the year is GRATEFUL!  When you kick cancers ass it changes your perspective on life dramatically.  I was blessed to be in Joshua Tree, California this year on the one year anniversary of my diagnosis, celebrating with friends and taking that amazing picture you see above. I can now look back on this past year and see that cancer was an opportunity for me to make some big changes and I want to share a few of those with you.  

1. It's never too late to put yourself first.  As a woman, wife, mother... pick a hat to wear, we end up last on the priorities list.  This serves no one, not ourselves or our loved ones.  Now I put myself first, then my family and then my business and when I falter from that, my friends are there to remind me of this realignment.

2. Life is precious! Eat the ice cream for breakfast. Stop what you are doing to play with your children. Remind your friends and family how much you love them, on a random Tuesday. Have fun, just do it because what is more important than enjoying your life?

3. No more playing small, your light is powerful and you should shine it all over the damn place!  You're amazing and there is no reason to be humble about it.  I have read your words, your why, I see you and I have felt your love over the years.  Thank you, keep sharing...the world needs more of you.

I have engraved GRATEFUL on a CHARM and I encourage you to do the same either by purchasing your own, writing it on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet or simply by starting each day with your word in mind.  Lucky for you, today starts our BOGO sale, buy one charm get a free charm for a friend or loved one until February, 11th (put two charms in your cart and the discount automatically appears at checkout).  This way you can spread more joy in your own life and others. 

We have launched a NEW silver Oval Engravable Charm for a limited time only (we have 50 of them). So grab yours here! 

I am so grateful for you and I'm looking forward to standing with all of you in gratitude for the upcoming year.

xoxo, Joyia

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