I Will Never Forget The Way You Made Me Feel....

 Thank you for watching the video, you are the best!

This girl will never forget how you made me feel!


Sometimes life is a combination of the best and worst of times all wrapped up in a bundle.  I'm 5 weeks post surgery and boy has it been a roller coaster of a month!  In truth all of 2021 has been a rollercoaster...the minute a doctor puts the word cancer in a sentence with your name, your life starts to spin.  Many of you know exactly what I'm talking about and if you don't, you can certainly imagine it. 

It's a surreal time.

These besties (Chelsy and Kelly) put together a GoFundMe page and if that is your jam, feel free to click the link below to donate.  

 GoFundMe Link

This is my new radiation buddy that I promised you a picture of.  They heated this and stretched it over my head and neck, so it's my exact silhouette.  The white circles around the edge are clipped down to the radiation machine to keep me from moving.

The fun begins on March 22nd and I'll keep you posted...


What do you think...Mike Myers for Halloween?

xoxo Joyia

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