Diamond Comes from the Greek Word "Adamas"

I am in looooooove with tiny diamonds! They add the perfect sparkle to our designs and just the right amount of frosting. Over the years, I have added them to stack rings, our new Diamanté collection and as accents on custom work.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word "Adamas" meaning unconquerable and indestructible. They develop more than a 100 miles below the earth's surface and take 1-3 billion years to form. To put it into perspective...the diamond on your finger is 5 times older than a dinosaur! Maybe this helps to shed a little light on why there is so much hype around these beauties. They are really hard to get and that is why it is important to ethically source them like I do.

All of my tiny diamonds come in many colors are typically set in round bezels. I use a tool called a bezel rocker to push the metal over the diamonds and keep them secure. That's right people, I use my muscles! My bezel rocker is named "Groovy", I inherited it from my teacher, Anita Shultz of Jewelweed Sprouts. Many artists modify their tools, she created a grove in the center of the rocker to keep it from slipping off of the bezel, hence the name, Groovy.

Maybe it's time to add a little frosting to your life...don't you deserve it?


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