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Encourages compassion and inspires joy.

Tanzanite is a beautiful stone known for its blue and violet tones. It was named in honor of its country of origin, Tanzania. It integrates the energies of the heart and mind.  Opening up a cascade of thoughts and insights but keeping one calmly anchored in the heart's wisdom. Three stones come on a charm.

All of our stones are unique and change often.  You can trust that we will pick the most beautiful option within each category for your charm necklace and/or bangle.

Step 1: Choose meaningful charms and stones that bring you the energy you want in life right now.

Step 2: Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye design-wise and create balance from an artistic standpoint. Start with the biggest piece in the middle and work your way outward. Separate charms with stones.

Step 3: Choose your word and have it engraved on one of the charms. Wear it daily as a reminder of all the goodness in your life and let the magic happen!

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