Our Family


Hi! I’m Joyia. My husband Carlo, son Achille, and I, with the love and care of our parents and extended family, are the proud and grateful owner-operators of Joyia Inspirational Jewelry. It’s a pleasure to have you visit us here. We look forward to seeing you face-to-face in our stunning Gallery on St. Croix, in the gorgeous US Virgin Islands this season!

We’re glad you could take a little time to meet the family.

My Dad is an amazing woodworker. Each year he sends us exquisite handmade ornaments for our holiday decorating. And, while he lives in Virginia currently, he attended our grand opening bearing gifts that allow us to feature our favorites in a fabulous way to this day. The ring holders and dishes are hand-carved by him from burls of east coast hardwood. The beautiful blocks are made from salvaged barn wood found in Virginia. My grandfather, the owner of an auction house, taught all of his children the art of refinishing. His legacy bestowed to all of us a love and appreciation for antiques like the china cabinets displaying our Joyia Jewelry, purchased from the mother of one of my students, and the stunning bench keeping guests comfortable in the Gallery, procured from my jewelry mentor Anita.

My Mom is a stellar smith. Following a successful and award-winning career soldering lead components for an electronics factory, she moved to the island shortly after Carlo and I were married. She offered us her time and expertise in our Studio during the Christmas season that year. In addition to pet-sitting and dog-walking professionally, we’re privileged to have her with us 1-2 days per week as the finest, most-efficient craftswoman we would clone in a heartbeat!

My husband Carlo is an extraordinary father, artist, and entrepreneur. After graciously agreeing to help renovate our space and open Joyia Inspirational Jewelry with me, he remains with us as COO while serving clients in the Gallery and smithing in the Studio. When we looked into expanding and moving our Studio into a larger space, we enrolled in an advanced stone-setting class for jewelers in Florida at the International Jeweler’s School. We both learned so much that allowed us to re-frame and re-focus our shared vision. Now Carlo is celebrating the birth of our son, Achille, along with the launch of his first solo-designed collection called Island Roots in the same year!

Carlo’s Mom is a charismatic model, hostess, and caregiver. We’re honored to have her assistance on-site for our clients, her behind-the-scenes contributions to our “team” family, and her stewardship of our personal and professional legacy within our community. She and my sister-in-law are the cheerful ones pouring wine and welcoming guests during downtown Jump-Ups, Art Thursdays, and our annual Wine and Wishes holiday event.

Our Extended Family is a blessing of helping hands, pure hearts, and creative minds. We believe in everyone being empowered to excel in all aspects of our enterprise. We’re engravers, repair people, smiths, greeters, and concierge-style service providers to our visitors, colleagues, and clientele. We consider ourselves family. We share our homes, our meals, our shoulders, our triumphs.

As a dear friend and mentor expresses and exhibits so well, “you have to know that in times of struggle [and success], as long as you take care of the people who take care of you, the means to persevere will come. You have to believe that.” With this in mind, we build trust, respect, and loyalty as The Joyia Inspirational Jewelry Family, and as part of our global family.

Thank you for the opportunity to live life “inspired, creative, and intentional” with you.

From our family to yours,
Joyia, Carlo, and Achille