What's happening with GOLD?

For those of you who don't track gold daily like I do, you may be surprised while shopping online to see that your favorite gold jewels got a lot more expensive.  Let's talk about why...stick with me, I'm going to geek out a bit and then give you some insider trading tips.  Okay, you got me, they are not stock market insider trading tips (I'd be rich and on a yacht in Greece) but they are Joyia Jewelry insider trading tips.

What's up with GOLD? Currently 5-7 factors effect the price of gold and all of them are quantifiable except one.  Here's the down and dirty quick version....quantifiable factors (data driven) that effect the gold market are:

1. Monetary policy-interest rates and federal talk about interest rates. Typically when rates are low the price of gold goes up.

2. Economic data-unemployment rates, GDP, manufacturing reports etc. Typically, the weaker the economy seems the more the price of gold increases.

3. Supply and Demand-when the supply for gold is low and the demand for it is high the price increases.  This is also why it is important in the jewelry industry to recycle metal.  We use and reuse all of our precious metals and only purchase from supply chains that recycle.  What is good for the environment is good for our business!

4. Inflation-High levels of inflation push gold prices higher.  Our current level of inflation is low and actually lower than it's been in the last 3 years.

5. Currency movement-the strength of the US dollar versus other currencies.

Last but not least and probably why I love gold so much, is the emotional factor.  That's right, UNCERTAINTY.  People, in general and the stock market crave certainty. Global growth uncertainty changes based on the events happening in the world.  Hello.....Covid-19, who will be the next president, terrorist threats in the Middle East and the list goes on and on.  Uncertainty is a completely psychological factor that is people driven (investor dependent) and can differ from one event to the next.  I too, struggle with uncertainty, I don't like it (AT ALL) and of all the lessons I'm learning this year...getting comfortable with uncertainty is one of them.
So what do we do about it?  Well, here's what I'm doing to help navigate these uncertain times and maybe some of them will resonate with you. 

1. Gratitude-I am thanking gold and 2020 for these lessons.  I am writing down the things I am grateful for and why.  I am thanking my jewelry when I put it on, for making me feel special and pretty in a time that is hard.  I am writing down the things that I'm grateful for and why (my family, my home, myself, all of you and being able to continue to do what I love-connect with people through jewelry). So, thank you from the very center of my heart!

2. Getting comfortable-Uncertainty is not my jam, I've tried to run from it, hustle through it, control it.  Needless to say these tools somewhat worked at the time but have not been sustainable. Now, I'm trying to get comfortable with uncertainty because it will always be a part of life.  I'm currently reading "Uncomfortable with Uncertainty-108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion" by Pema Chodron.  Every page is a new little lesson on how to gradually walk "out of our cramped world of self-preoccupation into the greater world of fellowship with all human beings." I'm learning a lot..pretty sure some of her pearls of wisdom will show up in my social posts, stay tuned.

3. Being honest- with myself (this one is the hardest), in my posts, in my business and with my people.  That being said we have worked hard to keep our prices the same during these extraordinary times even while our gold stash was diminishing.  If you have gold on your Joyia wish list now is a good time to shop early.  If you are in a place to buy your long awaited gold jewelry pieces, now is your chance.  Insider trading tip: Our gold prices are increasing, so check the photos and links below for the Joyia items that will change next week.  Grab your favorite gold pieces now! If gold jewelry is not for you right now then try my new favorite product, Aminnah's Shiny Girl Shimmer Oil it's made with 24k gold dust.  It makes me feel happy and smells like a dream!


4. Connection-is my favorite thing, if your reading this, then you probably know me and we have already connected on multiple levels, not just with jewelry.  I'm a hugger and a touchy feely person. Put me in a room with a bunch of people and I will find something we connect on.  My sweet son is getting tired of me smothering him.  I watch cartoons I dislike just so I can be near him, he has this funny thing where he will grab my finger with his toes (he got this from dad) and stay that way for ten minutes.  I'll take it, toe grabbing is considered touching in my book and I'm taking all the connection I can get right now! Unfortunately he has resorted to these words "no more kisses mom, that's enough!" LOL.

JEWELRY INSIDER TRADING TIPS: If you have your eye on our jewels in gold for Christmas, grab yours this week before the price change takes effect on the website, below are some of my favorite items that are changing..earrings, charms, a few ring styles and more. Pssst..prices change next week... I love shopping tips that don't get me arrested!



 Thanks for sticking with me during these uncertain times...I'll always be here, doing my thing and I've always got your back!
xo, Joyia

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