We are up to NEW and COOL things!

So, all non-essential business are closing, starting today, in St. Croix. I don't know about you but jewelry is an essential part of my life even if the government doesn't deem it so!!!

We have so much to celebrate even in these crazy times, birthdays, anniversaries, love, life, ourselves.

We are here for you and this is how we can stay connected and continue to celebrate together!

1. Shop online..our website is new, awesome and available to you 24/7.

2. Join our Jewelry VIP Facebook group. We are going to have live events, sneak peeks and make some new friends.

3. Schedule a virtual appointment. I have already been videoing with clients to create charm necklaces, make custom designs and birthday shop. Email me at joyiainsprations@gmail.com or call my cell 434-249-4261.


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