We are here for you!

Hi Friends, 

I am giving you a virtual hug!!! These are challenging times for all of us as we are flooded with articles and information from the CDC and other health professionals on the coronavirus.  As my friend Kelly Greer says “we are livin’ in a cootie filled world”!

It is clear that this situation is very fluid and quickly changing and will most definitely stretch each and every one of us beyond our comfort zone. 

While it is essential that we all follow the expert's recommendations and practice social distancing….it’s hard to give up some of our human connection in order to help "flatten the curve".  We are trying to do our part by closing the storefront and focusing our business online and socially.

We are still here for you, our small crew is working away and hand crafting inspirational jewelry in our workshop.  So keep those website orders coming!  We’ve decided to keep our promotion going for FREE SHIPPING and a FREE CHARM with your purchase of $100 or more.

Thank you for supporting our small family business, we appreciate you. we will continue to connect with you socially….I’ll be sharing good news, good messages, and good intentions.  Please comment and reach out to us or I will go stir crazy!

So stay with us folks,  we do great things when we come together, 

We are one community, one world, one love!  


  • Mona Roberts

    Love the positive attitude from your team. I’ll be happy for virtual hugs these days. Wish I could camp out with Achille!

  • Gail Ebersole

    Sending a big hug your way. I love the way the St. Croix community supports one another and want you to know we care about you.

  • Kari Bullamore

    Thanks for the inspiration!! As a “senior” Type 1 diabetic some of the news is just downright scary. Seeing your message made me think of how much I enjoyed talking with you when we were there a couple of months ago, how much I love the wonderful folks we have met in St. Croix, and how beautiful the island itself is. So, you made me think of wonderful, positive, pleasant and happy things. Thanks to you, too, for the picture of the little guy in the dryer!! That is a great place to isolate yourself from the world!! Stay safe and healthy. Now I am going to go shop!!

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