My Word for 2021

What Do The Words 'Joy' and 'Cancer' Have In Common...we are about to find out together? 

Every year in January we hold our "What is Your Word this Year?"contest.  Words are powerful and that is why we hand engrave them on our charms with the idea that if you speak it, write it, believe it, then you will manifest it in your life.  At the very least, it gets you to reflect on the past year and focus on something meaningful to you in the new year.  This is my favorite contest because I am always so impressed by how honest and authentic people are in choosing their words and why they chose them.  Click here to see everyone's words at the bottom of the contest blog or add your word.  At the beginning of 2020 when you chose your word, you certainly couldn't have prepared for a world pandemic. However, isn't it interesting to see how your word served you and evolved over last year? I did have a friend ask me in March if she should change her word to " shit show", lol. We certainly don't need more of that!

My new word for 2021 is JOY, which is a deeply personal word since those are the first 3 letters in my name.  Last, year during a particularly tough spot, my friend Sally said to me, "your name is Joyia, not Worry-ia." I definitely worried a lot last year as a small business owner and mother of an asthmatic kid.  So this year, I wanted to find the JOY in all things, big and small, and really enjoy my life.  One of the definitions of joy is gladness in any circumstance.  I always say be careful what you wish for cause the universe is already testing me on that gladness piece. You see, I've been battling a soar on my tongue for most of last year and have just discovered it's cancer.  No one wants to hear that word used with their name ever... it is surreal. The good news is that it's treatable with surgery. The bad news is, I have always associated fear with the word cancer. I am quickly reframing those associations and realize that I may have cancer on my tongue but cancer doesn't have me.  It's just another part of my story and there is so much more of our story, both yours and mine, to be written.  Isn't it uncanny that we launched the Story Collection last month, apparently the universe was already preparing me for the next phase of the journey. 

I have engraved JOY on a CHARM and I encourage you to do the same either by purchasing your own, writing it on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet or simply by starting each day with your word in mind.  Lucky for you, we extended our BOGO, buy one charm get a free charm for a friend or loved one until February, 6th (discount automatically shown in your cart).  This way you can spread more joy in your own life and others. 

My first lesson this year has been to notice my surroundings and feel the JOY.  As I sat in my car at the lagoon writing my notes to help me record this video, a little sugar bird landed on my mirror.  I watched him hop around with that bright yellow belly and thanked him for showing up to give me the strength to be vulnerable and share this part of my story with you. I am grateful for your love and support and I can feel it coming my way, in droves already with this cancer diagnosis. 

Here are ways you can help

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5. Buy JOY and spread JOY by purchasing our meaningful pieces of jewelry to help you and your loved ones on your journey.

The JOY is everywhere, can you feel it?

xoxo, Joyia






  • June Pecora

    Good morning
    My dear friend Jackie shared this with me this morning. You and I met years ago when I came to your beautiful store (before my cancer journey) I just watched your beautiful video-you have the right attitude and the support to carry you through this bumpy road. I called my joy moments at that time CPs (cancer pros) it may be hard to believe where you are now (perhaps not as you are wise) but cancer was actually a gift that helped me find my purpose in life (among other lessons I learned). Please feel free to reach out. I did conventional and integrative and believe that’s why I fared so well and I share that knowledge with and resources so many on this journey as it’s part of my calling.
    Sending you love and light
    June Pecora

  • Dana Kennedy

    Oh Joyia!! I just watched your video! You’ve been on my mind the last week or so and now I know why! I’m sending lots of love and light and strength and peace your way!

  • Patricia Shuman

    Hi Joyia,
    I just watched your video about your word—-wonderful choice! Sending love and prayers for your surgery. Perhaps I’ll run into you at The Dogwood when you’re in “the States”!! Would LOVE to see you if possible. You are very dear to me—-a wonderful student a hundred years ago, and a beautiful woman inside and out. Love to you and yours… Trisha Shuman

  • Ellen Waldman

    Joyia: You have forever been one that just has a pure essence essence of love, joy, and caring.I’d wondered what your word for 2021 may be, and now believe you chose perfectly bc you are JOY to all who know you. On our knees, and Prayers up from West Des Moines, Girl. You’re a part of our favorite Island Family. Our arms reaching out with hugs to each.I am confident you will continue sharing your unique creative jewelry, and your inner Joyia for years to come on your beloved Island. God bless you and yours. Every little ting gonna be alright.

  • Michele M.

    You are strong and beautiful inside and out. Nate, Hudson and I are pulling for you Joyia. Let us know if you need anything.

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