Let's Get Stoned on Gemstones!

Say HELLO to some new energy, my friend!

Touching gemstones and choosing my favorites to bring back home to you is something that I love and usually get to do every September.  This year however is different because of Covid and all gem shows have been cancelled.  I typically don't buy gemstones online because I want to feel their energy and see the quality, in person.  However, a few months ago, one night when I couldn't sleep, I went searching online. 

I found a company in New York and purchased the handful of stones you see above.  To my surprise, the stones we exactly as pictured, excellent quality and made my little heart sing.  I started putting them in my pockets, bra, you name it.  I stayed up late several more nights and order more and more....every time the stones arrived, I was giddy! I think I was literally getting stoned on gemstones, lol.

Have there been times this past year that you've felt like you were walking through molasses? I'm right there with you...these gems have helped bring a little pep to my step. The new found energy from these gemstones is amazing and I have types that I've never carried before.  The colors are vibrant and rich. After hand wrapping each stone and talking my Mom into helping me (thank you Mama 🙏) I'm finally ready to share them with YOU!

As we round out this extraordinary year (I use that word because shit show brings negativity and we don't need more of that, even if it is true) what gemstones will help you make it to the finish line? What positive energy do you or your loved ones need right now?

Let's get stoned on gemstones together!

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