I'm Back.. let's radiate more JOY together!✨

Can you believe it's been 8 months since my diagnosis and that first video I sent out about "What Joy and Cancer have in Common"?


Watch the video to hear the good news from my latest MRI, what I've learned over the past months and how were are going to radiate more JOY together!✨


Check out the gemstones I carried with me everyday into treatments..once a stone junky ALWAYS a stone junky.  They are playing Bob Marley for me in honor of my son (it's his favorite artist) and to give me some Caribbean vibes.

This is Kerry "Sissy" my fierce protector and caregiver.  She is my sister from another mister and lets me take over her family and the top floor of her home every time I'm in Virginia. I took her to one of my favorite restaurants for my last meal before I lost my taste buds...after the 6th packet of salt 😬... we knew they gone.

Some days were just... HARD.

Got to ring the radiation bell at the END of my 5 weeks🥳

Made it back to my sweetheart after 7 WEEKS, the only thing I could do besides lay in bed was take him to school every morning.  During my time away we would FaceTime on his morning ride to school, so I wanted to keep up the ritual in person.❤️

3 months post radiation (just a week ago) with my nurses celebrating the "ALL CLEAR" MRI. These beauties are wearing their Joyia Jewels and came all the way to the satellite office to see me.
 Click the PDF below to learn about the ways that I tried to mentally and physically cope with the side effects of radiation.  Please share with anyone who you think could benefit from these tips.

Tips and Tricks for Cancer and Radiation 


Every thought, every prayer, every gift, every dollar donated to the go fund me page, EVERY moment that you sent your energy and love my way...made a monumental difference in my life, in my health and in my future. I am so GRATEFUL to everyone in this beautiful community for taking such great care of me.
And to repay your kindness, we have so many fun things coming up at Joyia Jewelry!
New gemstones in September
New collection launch in November,
The new collection is a culmination of this last year for me and will help us all radiate a "whole bunch of JOY" because that is what you did for me during some of my darkest moments.
I am forever grateful...be well my friends,
xo Joyia

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