I'm Back.. let's radiate more JOY together!✨

Can you believe it's been 8 months since my diagnosis and that first video I sent out about "What Joy and Cancer have in Common"?


Watch the video to hear the good news from my latest MRI, what I've learned over the past months and how were are going to radiate more JOY together!✨


Check out the gemstones I carried with me everyday into treatments..once a stone junky ALWAYS a stone junky.  They are playing Bob Marley for me in honor of my son (it's his favorite artist) and to give me some Caribbean vibes.

This is Kerry "Sissy" my fierce protector and caregiver.  She is my sister from another mister and lets me take over her family and the top floor of her home every time I'm in Virginia. I took her to one of my favorite restaurants for my last meal before I lost my taste buds...after the 6th packet of salt 😬... we knew they gone.

Some days were just... HARD.

Got to ring the radiation bell at the END of my 5 weeks🥳

Made it back to my sweetheart after 7 WEEKS, the only thing I could do besides lay in bed was take him to school every morning.  During my time away we would FaceTime on his morning ride to school, so I wanted to keep up the ritual in person.❤️

3 months post radiation (just a week ago) with my nurses celebrating the "ALL CLEAR" MRI. These beauties are wearing their Joyia Jewels and came all the way to the satellite office to see me.
  Scroll down to learn about the ways that I tried to mentally and physically cope with the side effects of radiation.  Please share with anyone who you think could benefit from these tips.


Every thought, every prayer, every gift, every dollar donated to the go fund me page, EVERY moment that you sent your energy and love my way...made a monumental difference in my life, in my health and in my future. I am so GRATEFUL to everyone in this beautiful community for taking such great care of me.
And to repay your kindness, we have so many fun things coming up at Joyia Jewelry!
New gemstones in September
New collection launch in November,
The new collection is a culmination of this last year for me and will help us all radiate a "whole bunch of JOY" because that is what you did for me during some of my darkest moments.
I am forever grateful...be well my friends,
xo Joyia


Tips and Tricks for Cancer and Radiation 

By Joyia Jones  

The following document was written after my own personal experience with  head and neck cancer which required surgery and radiation. The following  are tips that helped me during my treatment and if even one of these tips  makes you feel more comfortable during your journey, I am grateful! I wish  you happiness and wellness.  

Chemotherapy and radiation often cause dry mouth which can be the start  of a downward spiral to mouth soars. These soars can bring extreme pain  and loss of eating. Many cancer patients may end up with a feeding tube  

because of its debilitating effects. Below are ways that I found helpful in  staying healthy and sane while battling the mental and physical side effects  of radiation. Your doctor will suggest “magic mouth wash" and Xylamelts.  My mouth was too dry for the Xylamelts to work but they may help you.  Read on to find some tips for relief.  

Water. Water is not water my friends, once the mouth soars start  everything you consume starts to hurt and makes the soars worse. You will  know immediately the minute you put anything in your mouth acidic (fruits,  citrus, tomato sauce, pick a food). Alkaline water makes a huge difference  and will keep you hydrated. I passed a Wegmans on the way to the  hospital everyday, so I used the Wegmans brand of Alkaline water with  electrolytes.  

Coconut Oil. I put this in a spray bottle and use it to moisten my mouth  before bed, a nap or socializing…it lasts longer than just drinking water.  

Oil Pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient practice that involves swishing oil in  your mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. It is often  associated with Auyrveda, the traditional medicine system from India.  Information I read suggested that oil pulling can kill bacteria in the mouth  and improve dental health. While it’s not entirely clear how oil pulling works,  it’s claimed to “pull” bacteria from the mouth. It may also help by  moisturizing your gums and increasing saliva production, which can reduce  bacteria. Start doing this as soon as you start your treatments to keep the  bad stuff at bay. 

How to Do “Oil Pulling” in 4 Simple Steps 

  1. Measure one teaspoon of oil, such as coconut, sesame or olive oil. (the  amount will vary for each individual) Ideally organic non processed oils.  
  2. Swish it around in your mouth for 15–20 minutes, being careful not to  swallow any. 
  3. Spit the oil into a trash can once you’re done. Avoid spitting it into the  sink or toilet, as this can cause a buildup of oil, which may lead to clogging. Rinse your mouth well using water before eating or drinking anything.  
  4. Repeat these steps a few times per week or up to three times daily. You  may also want to work your way up, starting with swishing for just 5  minutes and increasing the duration until you’re able to do it for a full 15–20  minutes. I did this in the morning and at night after I attempted to brush my  teeth which is very difficult with a mouth full of soars. I would swish while I  showered in the morning and at night while I did my nighttime face  regimen. The oil pulling is wonderful at keeping THRUSH away. Oral  thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth, remember babies often get it or  anyone who may have a weakened immune system…hello cancer  treatment patients.  

Manuka honey. All kinds of honey have been used as natural antibiotics  throughout the centuries. Manuka honey takes this a step further by  attacking germs with a substance called MGO. Found in the nectar of some  Manuka plants, this substance helps heal both minor and chronic wounds.  Because of this, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has  approved bandages infused with Manuka honey for both over-the-counter  and prescription sales. The more MGO there is in the honey, the more  antiviral and antibacterial properties it has. I used Manuka honey all day to  keep my mouth moist. You can buy it in a jar or in a box of individual  packets. I carried the packets in my purse and would squeeze one in my  mouth before I went into radiation to keep my mouth moist. Let the honey  dissolve on your tongue and work its magic. It helped me produce saliva  which keeps the soars away. I also put it in my herbal tea every morning.  When the soars became debilitating, the honey burned, so I could only use  it in my tea. I wished I had started using the honey multiple times a day  when my mouth first started to dry out, I think it would have kept the soars 

away longer. It comes in different versions, but the “16”, it is the most  potent. 

Chop Sticks. Once the mouth soars started to heal I would cut my food  into very small pieces and use chop sticks to get the food into the back of  the good side of my mouth. This created less pain when chewing.  

Radiation Dermatitis and Burns.  

Radiation dermatitis is a side effect of radiation that occurs on your skin  and can vary in severity. Some people will experience mild redness and  itchiness, while others may suffer painful, broken skin that is prone to  infection.The effects of radiation dermatitis typically arise within a few days  or weeks of starting radiotherapy, depending on the dose of radiation, and  a person’s skin sensitivity.The symptoms only appear on the areas of skin  that are exposed to the radiation. Do not wear any lotion or other products  on your skin while in the radiation machine-it will create and make  dermatitis worse. Directly after leaving the machine you can use oils,  creams etc. Your doctor will suggest Aquaphor cream, this did not work for  me. In the first weeks, my radiated neck was red and hot. I used a  rollerball bottle of essential oils. I would roll it on after I got out of the  machine and then throughout the day. I even made bottles for my friends  in the waiting room… it works so well!  

It’s simple- just use Lavender essential oil (5-10 drops), Frankincense  essential oil (5-10 drops) and a carrier oil.  

I use DoTerra Essential oils, any high grade oils will work along with a  carrier oil such as virgin coconut oil. A carrier oil dilutes the essential oil so  it is more tolerant on the skin.  

Once my skin started to blister and itch, I used Silvadene cream. Ask your  nurse for a prescription. This cream has silver in it which is antibacterial  (fun jewelry fact). I slathered this cream on multiple times a day once the  soars were really bad to help them heal and to keep Staph infection away.  Many radiation patients get Staph infection at the sites of blistered or  broken skin, this can take weeks to months to heal, Silvadene cream helps  prevent Staph infection.  

Scar tissue and Oncology Massage. I had scar tissue in my neck after  surgery and the radiation created more scar tissue build up and tightness,  internally. The range of motion in my neck diminished as well. I treated 

myself to Oncology massage once a week to help break down the scar  tissue and improve my range of motion. My masseuse, Jane Neldon, was  a miracle worker, she even massaged my raw dermatitis skin without it  hurting me. She says the key is that you don’t need pressure to penetrate  multiple cellular layers of the body. I continue to self massage and stretch  my neck post treatment.  

~If you live in Charlottesville, Virginia you can find Jane and her services  here.  


IV Vitamins. I started vitamin C IV’s the week after I finished radiation. I  would have started sooner if I had known about them. There are all sorts  of IV cocktails. I started with vitamin C to try to boost my immune system  

and get some energy back. Then I moved on to a detox cocktail. They will  do bloodwork and tell you what IV’s to use and when, they are very  knowledgable and I just followed their protocol until I had to fly back home.  

~If you live in Charlottesville, Virginia you can find Be Vital Health Center  and their services here.  


Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs  

My acupuncturist, Alison Downey lived in Bali for many years and says that  cancer patients often have an IV for chemo in one arm and an IV for  Chinese herbs in the other. We worked together weekly to help rid my  body of the toxins that are created by radiation. She tailored my  acupuncture points to my weekly needs and is just an all around uplifting  human. Her mother also suffered from cancer and touts that acupuncture  helped save her life and is the reason Alison in now a practicing  acupuncturist. There are many Chinese herbs available, here are the 3 that  I took.  

Chemo/Rad Support by Dr. Kang Secret Formulas-this was to help remove  toxins.  

San Huang Xie Xin Tang by KPC Herbs-this was to help remove heat  caused by radiation.  

Pure Brown Seaweed Extract by Modifilan-used to boost the immune  system, reduce inflammation, and has anti tumor properties 

~If you live in Charlottesville, Virginia you can find Alison and her services  here.  


Reiki and Zero Balancing  

Every day I was blessed to go to my friend, Roxanne’s house for what we  ended up calling “energy naps”. She was my soft place to fall, every day,  and while she worked her magic on the massage table, I would sleep,  cause fighting cancer is exhausting. She is certified in both modalities and  you can look for someone in your area who is too.  

Reiki~ is a type of energy healing. According to practitioners, energy can  stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or even  emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness.  Energy medicine aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks in a  similar way to acupuncture or acupressure. Reiki practitioners believe that  improving the flow of energy around the body can enable relaxation, relieve  pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. 

Zero Balancing~ is a unique form of bodywork that recognizes the  relationship of body structure and body energy. It is a body-mind therapy  that uses skilled touch to address the relationships between the structure  and energy within the body. It involves the use of finger pressure and  gentle traction on the bones and joints to create a point of balance, or a  fulcrum, around which the body can relax and reorganize itself allowing the  receiver to let go of held tension and pain and experience a new level of  integration. 

Stones and crystals. Now stones and crystals are my thing because I am  a jeweler, I could write pages on the topic but that is too much so I will just  share the stones that I used specifically and why. Stones carry healing  energy for all types of matters. The most important thing for you to know  when buying stones is to trust your gut, the stone you are drawn to is  always the one you need. I carried a strand of Mala beads into every  radiation session. With my eyes closed and head strapped into the  radiation machine, I would say positive affirmations as I touched each  stone with my fingers. It kept me positive, calm and occupied so my mind 

would not go down the dark and twisty path. My wonderful radiation techs  would play spa music while I was in the machine too, with the occasional  Bob Marley and Credence Clearwater on the days I was feeling spunky or  needed a boost.  

I used a lot of stones and crystals but here were my 3 go to’s:  Amethyst- spiritual calmness, protection and wisdom. It was used in  ancient times to remove toxins from the body.  

White Howlite- is a calming stone that helps reduce stress and anger. It  also absorbs negative energy  

Citrine- aids in healing the body physically and mentally. Gives energy,  lightens your mood, and is basically like having a ray of sunshine in your  pocket. 

You can purchase gemstone charms on our website https:// joyiajewelry.com and a million other places online. You may even have a  local gem shop in your area which is always fun!  

Your mental state. This is very important and quite frankly a roller coaster  when you have cancer. I got myself a very good therapist and I hope you  do too. She gave me breathing techniques for pain, let me cry and made  me laugh. I continue to work with her every month via phone.  

Making friends/Your support network “Team”. This is cancer people, a  support network is key but beyond that I try to make friends everywhere I  go because it brings me joy. You will see the same doctors, nurses, techs,  receptionists, and patients in the waiting room. These people are a wealth  of knowledge because most of them are ahead of you in the process and  you can be of help to those just starting out once you get the hang of it. I  created a team of professionals and friends who helped me make it daily  from one appointment to the next. It used and am continuing a mix of  western medicine (surgery, radiation, vitamin IV’s) and eastern medicine  (Reiki, Zero balancing, Acupuncture, massage, hyperbaric chamber,  crystals, nutrition, and therapy) to help me through the rollercoaster that is  cancer. I hope you find a balance that works for you.  

Be well and cheers to kicking cancer’s ass!


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