How to Create a Custom Piece of Jewelry?

Step 1: Do you have your own gemstones or do you want to shop mine? If you have stones or heirloom pieces of jewelry that you don't wear and want to repurpose, you can! You can also come by the store or email me to browse our gemstone collection.

Step 2: Pick your favorite stones💎....we have many types of gemstones and cabochons (a gem that is polished but not faceted) to choose from.

Step 3: Make an appointment for a custom consultation.

Step 4: I give you a bit of homework🤓before we meet and then we dream up your custom jewelry together!

See wishes really do come true! Stay tuned next week to see a consultation in action. X0, Joyia


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  • cbmjcxgqnm

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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