Holiday Hot Picks Gift Guide

~Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Santa's elves are back at it again, getting all your holiday gifts ready! 

Spread more JOY this Holiday Season with these great gift ideas... 

OH and don't forget to treat yourself✨

8 ways to spread more JOY!

Chain Bracelets and Anklets are here... it's time to manifest the good stuff!  Now ALL of our collections, new and old, are offered on a chain.  These delicate yet strong bracelets and anklets help you bring forth the POWERS in your life you want to GROW.  
Pick your intention for this year by choosing your favorite gemstone, Joyia charm, or get them all!  Don't forget to share with a friend...couldn't we all use an energetic boost right now?!

Give the gift of ETERNAL JOY!  This is my most important and meaningful collection to date and the pictures don't do it justice.  It's 3-dimensional and spins on a special swivel bail.  I used the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Spiral to create all of the measurements in this design.  What does that mean for you?  It means that when you set your intentions and spin this jewel you will radiate that joy out to those around you.  No only is it beautiful but it is powerful!  

Who, in your life, needs more JOY this season? 

The Teardrop collection has it's newest member and you can choose your own gemstones or charms!  The gold with these exquisite pearls are my favs along with the silver and jade (see photos of the different combinations on the website).  There is also a matching pendant with your choice of gemstones or charm.  Double the fun!

The Story Collection is a crowd favorite and if you didn't get your piece last year during our launch... now is your chance! The gold posts and bracelet are the pieces from the collection that I wear everyday.  Check them out for yourself!

The Diamante Necklace is still the piece that I wear the most!  The 36" is the perfect length to dress up any outfit.  If I'm being real, I wear with a t-shirt and jeans too.  You will rarely see me without this necklace I'm adding the Eternal Joy necklace with it and walking around like Mr. T...I can't help myself:)

Are most loved his & hers collection, The Island Roots. Your family roots run deep just like ours, modeled after the tenacious mangrove roots, this organic design is fun for everyone. 

GUESS WHAT...Our new Sugar Cane Machete is here and only in a small batch. We just launched them for the holidays.  Read the story below to see how they came to be...

Well friends, quite often as a designer, you make something for yourself and then everyone see it and wants one. That is exactly what happened with the Sugar Cane Machete. 

Carlo is a fourth generation Crucian and spent many days on his Great Grandmother's plantation out west.  Many of you know it as Prosperity located on Mahogany Road in St. Croix.  The Sugar Cane Machete is special because it has a hook at the end for pulling the cane after it's been cut.  We have an old worn out version of this machete in our home and this summer Carlo and Ethan (our college intern) hand sawed this pendant out of a solid piece of metal and included a beveled knife edge and hook.  Of course, our son, Achille, wanted one immediately and then all of our friends started to notice and covet it too.  

So here is your chance.. we made a small batch, just for you, for the holidays. Once they are gone we will only make them by special request. They come in two sizes a small and large and both sizes are available in 14k gold and sterling silver.  The handle is hand hammered.


Our little beach boy with his new machete "like Daddy".


Happy Shopping, click on any of the product pictures above to be taken to the page on our website ✨

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